Mahalakshmi is an American singer-songwriter.
She is a nada (sound) yogini
who has been composing music for over twenty five years.
Mahalakshmi has performed in US, India, and Europe.

Mahalakshmi weaves poetic lyrics into catchy melodies
while accompanying herself on keyboard (piano).
She writes music in service to humanity,
with messages of hope and sanity,
of Truth, Simplicity, and Love.

She also performs & leads groups
in original and traditional kirtan,
an extremely healing & transformative
practice of singing the names and attributes
of the Divine in Sanskrit.

Mahalakshmi often shares the stage with her husband Emam
in their band Mahalakshmi & Emam.
Emam plays tabla and dumbak and is also a composer and music producer.

Mahalakshmi has performed with the following maestros:

Mukesh Sharma
(India): sarod
Arshad Khan

(India): tabla
Ahsan Ali
(India): sarangi
(USA): vocalist/entertainer

(Iran/USA): tabla
Daniel Berkman

(USA): kora
Gari Hegedus

(USA): oud/violin
Carlos Gonsalves

(India): percussion
Ghulam Ali

(India): sarangi
(Iran): kamanche

(Iran): baglama, divan, daf

(Iran): vocals
Joshua Michael

(USA): percussion
Mayank Bedekar

(India): tabla
Derek Julien

(India): guitar
Matthew Montfort

(USA): guitar
Matthew Grasso

(USA): guitar

(Italy/France): guitar
Kim Atkinson
(USA): percussion
Julien Moretto

(France): violin
Adrien Braud

(France): clarinet
Xavier Peres

(India): keyboard
Philipp Mesheryakov

(Russia): keyboard/bass
Mark Fernandes

(India): bass
Ben Kunin

(USA): sarod
Andius Jent

(USA): bass

(India): tabla

Mahalakshmi is the featured vocalist & keyboardist
in Emam's long-standing world fusion band Emam & Friends.
She is also a contributing composer.
Her work can be heard on Emam & Friends' last two albums:
Emam & Friends 2020
In Your Eyes I See

She and Emam also join forces in the band

where they perform traditional & originally composed
devotional fusion music from the heart.

Mahalakshmi is the featured singer on AyaTunes.
AyaTunes is designed for deep healing,
meditation, and shamanic journeys,
produced by Harmony Playground, 501(c)(3).

Volume 1.2
, Volume 2, and Volume 3 are available on Bandcamp.
Further Volumes of Ayatunes are to be released
via an App which will directly fund
Harmony Playground's Environmental Non-Profit.
Details will be posted here when the App has been released.
AyaTunes - 2020
Volume 3
Track 1: Auspicious
Track 3: Forest Lights
Track 9: Eye Am Eye

AyaTunes - 2017
Volume 2
Track 3: Deer Magic
Track 6: Kuna Lullaby
Track 7: Moksha (Liberation)
Track 8: Kammu
AyaTunes - 2017
Volume 1.2
Track 1: For Krishna
Track 2: Interlude
Track 3: Whales and Violins

"I discovered a lifeline in music.
Divine music came to my ear beyond any conscious intent
and often arrived with words and chords complete.
It was through sound that I discovered bliss and peace
in the midst of the stormy sea.

"Music creation is a continual uncovering of treasure,
a redefining of self and experience,
instantaneously, and often surprisingly,
beyond any previously held bounds.

"Due to the freedom music brings me to create entirely new worlds,
and the effortlessness with which songs come,
I knew early on that my work in this life
is to write and perform music
that bathes myself and the listener
in beauty and truth,
for the sake of my and our evolution.

"Sound is the most powerful mechanism
for showing oneself and others the soul,
and I wish to gift the world the music that has transported me to my true self,
to deeper feeling, deeper life, deeper love.
These sounds come from our shared humanity,
with a pure intention of heart,
and they are as much your creation as they are my own."