Julien Moretto
Celebrating the union of continents by way of his melodies, sensitive to the world and its silences, Julien Moretto takes us beyond frontiers and words.
It was during a trip in India that he rediscovered Music in its essence, a different and unique system based on the nature of a note and how to approach it, the art of ornamentation. Student of classical indian music at Benares (Northern India), where he found his inspiration, carried by the sacred songs and prayers along the banks of the Ganges. Julien has developed his passion for the country, its music and its culture.
He stayed for 5 years studying with great masters, the Hindustani music of the north and Carnatic music, one of the oldest musical system coming from Southern India. Julien had the fortune of participating in a master class with DR L.Subramaniam.
On his return to France, he develops a surprising style of playing by blending his jazz culture and the complex rhythmic and melodic system of the Indian music. Julien went in search of other musical approaches like Jazz, Flamenco, World music, Electronic music.
Julien Moretto combines his varied learnings, and collaborates with diverse artists such as Pandit Mukesh Sharma (master of Sarod) Emam & Friends, Yashoda (Kirtan singer), Kundalini Airport, Daniel J Waples and James Winstanley (Hang Drum players)...and many more.
He recorded his first album 'Violin solo Unidentified' January 2012.

You can listen to Julien Moretto on the following album(s)/song(s):
Another Life
Goa Groove
Ode to Chebiji - Part 1
Ode to Chebiji - Part 2
Afternoon Delight
7 Year Cycle

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