Derek Julien
Derek started professionally at the age of 17, playing all over India, with a popular and one of the earliest bands in its day, the Mystiks. Like many others, he played at nightclubs, discos, college circuits, you name it! Guitarist and part-time recording engineer, Derek has been a professional guitarist since 1967. He has performed music genres such as rock, jazz, blues, fusion and pop.
Playing in Africa & Europe In 1969, Derek went to Africa (Mogadishu, Somalia) for a year with a colleague from the Mystics, on a contract to play for a club. Derek recalls, "We would play at the club one day a week and the rest we would go on regular safaris with a British friend who liked living life on the edge. Music, partying and safaris- it just does not get better than that." In 1971, Derek became part of the legendary progressive rock band 'Waterfront'."This undoubtedly is THE experience, on every possible count. In 1973 we headed out to Europe. That's another great story, one that demands a book all to itself." says Derek.
He also teamed up with yet another progressive band, 'Azure Hades'. "This was another landmark band for me. This association was again a great music experience like Waterfront, the difference being that while Waterfront was vocal and instrumental oriented Azure Hades was undiluted instrumental." says Derek when asked about Azure Hades.