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MahaMaya Band is an extension of Emam & Friends, the world fusion ensemble Emam started many years ago.
With the arrival of Mahalakshmi, adding her voice, compositions and keyboard, we decided we needed a new name for our band. So, in 2023, we created MahaMaya Band with the purpose of serving tasty and unique original music, to infuse our lives with a vibrant spirit.
Our music intends to transport the listener, one note at a time,
to the path of the heart.

MahaMaya Band is a cross-cultural collaboration with our very talented friends who have spent their lives dedicated to their craft. Their expertise and ease of expression, expounding upon the sentiments inherent in the songs, adds beauty to our compositions.
Each collaborator has their own cultural background and training; thus, each performance and album is unique.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy the music.

World Peace through World Music!

Our first album, as the new band, was released in November 2023.
It features some amazing musicians from around the world.
You can listen to it on
Bandcamp for free
where you can also purchase downloads.

Here are the musicians featured on our brand new album:
tabla, dumbak
Mukesh Sharma
vocals, keyboard

Robert Szydło
Chhote Rahimat Khan
Zoltan Lantos

Mayank Bedekar
Steve Robertson
Gari Hegedus
mandocello, oud