Wiesław Prządka
* A graduate of The Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań at the Department of Accordion by professor Henryk Krzemiński.
* A laureate of the first award in the International Competition of Chamber Companies in Paris.
* Founder and artistic director of many companies and music projects, including:
* Artistic director of Malta International Theatre Festival in June 2010.
* Contributed to reactivation of the company HOT SWING from Kraków, in 2009.
* Has performed on stages all over Europe and the United States.
* Has recorded for radio and TV in Poland, Sweden, Germany, Holland, France, Denmark, Belgium and Italy.
* One of the most famous Polish accordionist and bandoneonist.
Wiesław was born to play the accordion. He fell in love with French music and tango. This music drove him to the new discovery - the bandoneon: the instrument characteristic of tango. He is the only bandeonist in Poland giving concerts on diatonic bandoneon (the unusual difficulty of this instrument relies on the fact, that pressing the same buttons gives the different note during opening the bellows than during closing the bellows).
Playing the tango - in particular the music by Piazzolla - he cooperates with Waldemar Malicki, Piazzoforte Company (a laureate of Fryderyk 2006), New Tango Bridge Company, International Distango Company and Julius Słowacki Theatre in Kraków where he plays in the performance "Tango by Piazzolla" (the performance recognized as the best in 2008).
Wiesław Prządka is a broad-minded musician. He cooperates with the greatest figures of music scene: Hanna Banaszak, Waldemar Malickim, Jacek Wójcicki, Bohdan Jarmołowicz, Zbigniew Górny, Justyna Szafran, Tomasz Tomaszewski, Richard Galliano, Krzysztof Jakowicz, Filip Wojciechowski, Izydor Leitinger.
A virtuoso restored the accordion as the solo instrument in concert halls and he disseminated the style of musette and new musette in Poland. He proved the accordion is able to blend well into different music styles like swing, jazz, latino etc.
He records with his own company New Musette Quartet, Hot Swing, Piazzoforte, New Tango Bridge and with outstanding vocalists and orchestras. Today he is recognized as the best accordionist and bandoneonist in Poland.

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