Michał Rudaś
Michał Rudaś, born in Poland in 1981, is an exceptional vocalist graduated from Bednarska Music College in Warsaw - Vocal Department (2004) with a lot of diverse vocal, stage and TV experience in many different genres. Well known as a solo artist and a singer of very popular TV programs: "Taniec z gwiazdami" (polish version of "Dancing with the stars", as a former vocalist of "Jaka to melodia" (polish version of "Name That Tune) and contestant and semi-finalist of The Voice of Poland - 4th edition. He is the vocalist of polish dubbing in cartoons (Tarzan 2, My Brother Bear 2, Priness and the Pea and many other cartoons). Michal also has a theatre experience - role of Gringoire in a musical show Notre Dame l'historie in Poland (2009-2011), Musicalove - Broadway Show in Rampa Theatre in Warsaw. He also cooperates with Song of The Goat Theatre; he performed in "Songs of Lear" (2015) and is now taking part in "Island" (premiere 1st Dec 2016).
Michał has been featured, as a soloist, on many albums including:
"Kwiaty we włosach" musical 2002
"Taniec z gwiazdami" (eng. Dancing with the Stars) 2006
"Jaka to melodia" (eng. Name That Tune) 2007
"Cafe Fogg" 2008
Masala Soundsystem "Cały Ten Świat" 2008
United States of Beta "Poles Jazz The World" 2013
Michał has visited India a few times, where he has studied Indian classical singing -raga and was taught by Anup Misra - a great vocalist and professor in the Sanskrit University of Varanasi (2005-2011).
In May 2009, Michał released his debut solo album titled "Shuruvath" which is deeply inspired by Indian music. Music producer : Adam Sztaba - Record label : MyPlace).
Next release: album "Changing" 26th Feb 2013, which was also inspired by Indian music.
Record label: Atma Music.
In 2016, Michał's released a solo album called "Wieloryby i syreny" (eng. "Whales and sirens"), which differs in style from his previous albums, and was premiered 2nd Feb 2016.
Record label: Atma Music.
Michał is also one of the solo vocalists and co-composer in a new polish folk band Lelek, their debut album "Brzask Bogów" was released 23rd March 2016 by label Karrot Kommando.
Michał took part in autumn 2016 as a contestant in a TV Show "Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo" (eng. "Your Face Sounds Familiar") and impersonated polish and foreign music stars.
In spring 2017 the vocalist started cooperation with polish instrumental duo Healing Incantation that interpretes indian ragas. Musicians released on 22nd Nov 2017 an album "Mystic India" with special quests: Kayah and Henryk Miśkiewicz.
In 2018 Michał Rudaś took part in a popular TV reality singing show in India "Dil hai hindustani 2", broadcast by StarPlus in India and many other asian and african countries. The contest was judged by renowned and famous Indian artists: Pritam, Sunidhi Chauhan and Badshah. Michal, as an only foreginer reached semi-final (TOP 5).

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Desert Moon
Dance of the Hermit - Vocal Mix

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