Haidakhandi Love Center - Coratia

Haidakhandi Love Center was founded in 1998 by a group of people
inspired by the teachings of Shri Babaji.

In 2001, Shri Guru Muniraji gave us the name along with blessings for our spiritual growth.

Over the years, our spiritual practice has grown.
Today, Puja is performed daily, and the Havan ceremony is held four times a week (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).

Since 1998 the center has moved three times.

We do a lot of Karma Yoga at the current location which includes: gardening, making Christmas cards and other activities aimed at improving our center and the general environment.

We invite you all to visit us at the Haidakhandi Love Center in Osijek, Croatia.

Haidakhandi Centar Ljubavi

Dubrovačka 90
31000 Osijek, Croatia
Madhumati +385977669271
Nirmala +385976652399
Email: kontakt [at] babajihrvatska [dot] org

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