5) Light and Ash

We are eyes in eyes ("I"s in "I"s)
and there's no talking;
it's understood we're walking.

We stare open eyed
as all the birds are chirping:
everything confirming.

Inside, open wide
the heart is receiving
everything is fleeting.

Under us, a mound of ash;
so many have left us
but we're glad they're home.

We are simply astounding;
7 billion open eyes
seeing light of one living flame.

Despite being small,
we're gifted with a power;
it's starting to flower.
Nature's gift is humming
while our karma's always coming.

We want to live
but first we die
to release these fears
and let go of our pride.
Once we're free,
you and me,
we will be

We look out at people
thinking we're seeing anything but what's inside.
Wake up! Your inner demons
are showing in your mirror.
Their grip becomes clearer;
they love to make divisions
til we make our own decisions from heart.

We yearn to live
but first a part has to die
to release these fears
and let go our pride.
Once we're free,
you and me,
we can actually live
side by side.

Don't try to sustain
any form or any gain.
What crumbles is the perfect gift,
blessing you with new space to live,
blessing you, there's still much to give,
blessing you, you will receive
your divine spirit's wish.

All this yearning takes us away.
The mind and it's churning takes us away.
All this yearning takes us away
from all the peace that exists here.
Do you know all the peace that exists here.

If you did you'd take what you need
and give the rest away,
you would hold no one and let them play,
doors would open for those astray,
you would be loving even if betrayed,
you would welcome not walk away,
you would be real not fake,
you would be careful not throw it all away;
you would see yourself in every face.

Inside, open wide,
the heart overflowing;
no need for knowing.
I look in your eyes;
light is going through them,
into me and you again.
There's light going through you:
into me and you...

Lyrics by Mahalakshmi