Łukasz Sobołak
Łukasz Sobolak A graduate of the Academy of Music in Wrocław in the drum class. As a session musician, he has recorded over 60 albums. His main band is Mikromusic, which was awarded in 2020 the most important music award in Poland - Fryderyk. He has performed numerous concerts in Europe, USA and Japan with many artists presenting various musical styles (pop, rock, alternative music, jazz, blues ), including:
Anita Lipnicka
Katarzyna Groniec
Cleo Ryszard Rynkowski Leszek Cichoński
Krzysztof Kiliański
Borys Szyc
Shata Qś
Natali Lubrano
Bartek Miarka Band
Łukasz has been invited to conduct many drum workshops.

You can listen to Łukasz Sobołak on the following album(s)/song(s):
Light and Ash
Oh Me! Oh Life!
All That Exists
Goa Groove
Outside Of Time

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