In Concert - Vol I
In Concert - Vol II
Live recordings of North Indian Classical Music from
a benefit concert for Pandit Jasraj School of Music.
Recorded on August 10/1996, in Vancouver, BC. (Released in 1997)
Pandit Jasraj - vocals
Hariprasad Chaurasia - bansuri
Zakir Hussain - tabla
Kala Ramath - violin

Recorded and produced by Emam.
To hear samples of the music
click on the song names.

Volume I
1) Rag Behag Ektal
2) Rag Behag Tintal
3) Rag Kafi Bhajan
4) Rag Bhairavi

Volume II
1) Rag Jai Jaiwanti Alap
2) Rag Jai Jaiwanti Rupak
3) Rag Jai Jaiwanti Sitarkhani
4) Rag Jai Jaiwanti Tintaal