Moses Sedler
Moses Sedler is a composer, of music for concert stage, modern dance, and film. He is also a concert cellist, and recording artist. Moses has a background rooted in classical music, as well as improvisatory music, with influences of Indian classical music, and eastern European folk music. Moses studied composition at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle Washington, before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area to study north Indian classical music with Ali Akbar Khan.
As a cellist and composer Moses has been working with concert ensembles, theater companies, choreographers, and filmmakers for over 15 years. Some of the collaborations include Lines Ballet, The Picasso String Quartet, Kunst-Stoff, Davka, Janice Garrett and dancers, Kitka, and Open Eye Pictures.

You can listen to Moses Sedler on the following album(s)/song(s):
Desert Moon
Whisper In My Ear
Dancing Fairies
Sacred Insanity
Smile My Friend
Jai Ganesha
Desert Moon
Carpe Diem
Whisper In My Ear
Desert Moon
With All Your Heart - Part 2
Voices of the Goddess

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