Jillian Speer
Vocals, Guitar
Originally hailing from north of Seattle, Jillian Speer grew up with music as an integral part of her life from an early age. Ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance classes that started at three years old instilled the work ethic for perfection. At nine years old she began vocal lessons and at ten years old she began training in classical guitar. Writing songs, guitar recitals, dance class, dance competitions, intensive summer arts camps, and performing in local musicals best describes her school years until she turned 16 and got a scholarship to spend one year in India. That year was an experience that would deeply affect her life as well as influence her music.
After India, Jillian returned home to the Pacific Northwest and collaborated with Emam to produce "Emam & Friends'" next World Fusion album called "Sacred Insanity", at the age of 18. Shortly after, she moved to Los Angeles where she has been recording and performing ever since. Selling CD's of her music at shows brought a following and led to opening for acts like Jewel and Michael Franti & Spearhead.
With her classical training in guitar, she lays a meditative foundation to her songs of love, loss, heartache and hope.
The grounding force and shining star of all her music is Jillian's rich lamenting voice and lyrics that are contemplative at times, political at other times, but at all times an honest reflection of an artist committed to true self expression and music that has meaning. This is one musician that is extremely determined and passionate about the songwriting craft. The high quality musicianship in her songs is crafted by some of today's greatest musicians. Speer also shares unique original tunes that harken back to a classic era. The songwriting is impressive and it offers much in the way of passion and compelling-thought provoking lyrical content. Jillian's songs reflect her admiration for the great Joni Mitchell yet her sound owes as much to Peter Gabriel and Dave Matthews as it owes Tracy Chapman. I've never heard an artist so skillfully combine so many genera's into one unique sound.

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