World Fusion Music
Jai Ganesha
Emam & Friends
Emam's compositions come to life, thanks to great musicians from around the world!
Instruments of Devotion - Vol II
Emam & Friends
Instrumental interpretations of devotional music
from India (Kirtan).
Sacred Insanity
Emam & Friends
World fusion music featuring George Brooks, Sivamani, Manose, Jillian Speer, Gari Hegedus and many more!
Voices of the Goddess
Emam & Friends
Brings together Jazz, Indian, Eastern European, Rock and New Age music; featuring two goddesses with divine voices!
Global Fusion
Emam & Friends
Best of Emam & Friends first 5 albums.
Instruments of Devotion
Emam & Friends
A collection of instrumental interpretations of devotional music from India, produced at the end of Emam's stay in India on an AIIS grant.
Indian Dream
Emam & Friends
A potpourri of accessible World Fusion Music featuring an array of musical talent from around the world!
Is This Real?
Emam & Friends
World fusion music recorded between 1987 and 1995 in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Delhi, and Bombay featuring Zakir Hussain.
Longing for the Divine
Yashoda and Emam's interpretations of traditional sacred music from India, presented in a world fusion style.