In Concert - Vol I
In Concert - Vol II
City Hall Records [City Hall]
City Hall Records [City Hall]
Live recordings of North Indian Classical Music from
a benefit concert for Pandit Jasraj School of Music.
Recorded on August 10/1996, in Vancouver, BC. (Released in 1997)
Pandit Jasraj - vocals
Hariprasad Chaurasia - bansuri
Zakir Hussain - tabla
Kala Ramath - violin

Recorded and produced by Emam.

Listen to sample pieces from the album:
Vol I Vol II
1) Rag Behag - Slow Ektal 1) Jai Jaiwanti Alap
2) Rag Behag - Tintal 2) Rag Jai Jaiwanti - Rupak Tal
3) Bhajan in Kafi 3)Jai Jaiwanti - Sitarkhani
4) Bhairavi 4) Jai Jaiwanti - Tintal