Flying Beyond
Hariprasad Chaurasia - bansuri
Rik Masterson & Emam - tanpura
Bansuri Solo - Improvisations on the bamboo flute.
Alap, Jor, & Jara in the haunting late night raga Malkauns.
Recorded by Mike Demmers at Desitrek Studios (Portland, OR)
Produced by Emam.

"This gifted musician creates an ethereal feeling that left me spell bound. I could listen to this gentle flute sound for weeks without growing weary....It is masterful. Don't miss it."
Jan Jacquet - Victory Review/May 1995
"....a compassionate and skillful use of music that helps in the focusing of body energies. I have used this musical creation in the management of sleep disorders and anxiety states with great clinical success."
Edmund Tyska, D.O. - Irving Medical Center (TX)

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Part 1: ALAP

Part 2: JOR, JALA